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Soigner l'âme et le corps

L'on ne peut guérir la partie sans soigner le tout.
L'on ne doit pas soigner le corps séparé de l'âme,
et pour que l'esprit et le corps retrouvent la Santé,
il faut commencer par soigner l'âme.
Car c'est une erreur fondamentale des médecins actuels
de, dès l'abord, séparer l'âme et le corps.

- Platon - 427-347av. J.C - "Les Charmides" -

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Thérapie Dr Clark - La Liste Professionnelle

La liste suivante se compose de professionnels utilisant la Thérapie du Docteur Hulda Regehr Clark en Europe.

Être sur cette liste ne signifie pas pour autant que ces professionnels utilisent exclusivement la Thérapie Clark. Donc cela ne signifie pas quils testent avec le synchromètre ou utilisent telle ou telle partie spécifique de la Thérapie Clark.

La description figurant à côté de leurs noms est celle fournie par les professionnels eux-mêmes.

Certains professionnels sont des médecins, donc habilités à traiter à diagnostiquer et traiter. Dautres sont des nutritionnistes ou des naturopathes proposant les services relevant de leur compétences respectives.

Il ny a pas de contrôle de qualité de la part du Dr Clark Zentrum. Les professionnels figurant sur la liste agissent sous leur propre responsabilité et la Fondation Clark nassume donc aucune responsabilité pour leurs actes.


Horst Tippenhauer, MD
Miltenberg, Germany

Dr. Tippenhauer has been practicing holistic medicine for many years with electro acupuncture and bio resonance procedures as well as oxygen therapy and colonics. He also uses extansive intravenous antioxidant therapy. He has successfully been using the Clark therapy for almost three years in his practice. He is using the Clark therapy intensively and has adopted the latest plate zapping technique also.


Praxis SanaVital
Mnstergasse 70
3011 Berne
Tel. +41-31-312 2126
Fax +41-31-312 2127

Several trained naturopaths work at Gesundheitspraxis SanaVital GmbH

SanaVital is specialized in the following therapies: Dr. Hulda Clark's protocol (also intensive programs for chronically ill), Syncrometer testing (also saliva tests), colonics, kirlian analysis, dark field microscopy, classical massage, foot reflexology, acupuncture massage, headache and migraine massage, spinal therapy according to Dorn, scar tissue balancing, cupping, manual therapies (body therapy), bio resonance, fasting according to F.X. Mayr and eliminating diets.


Praxis Tesic
D. Domjanica 32
33405 Pitomaca
P +385 33 782 405

Sasha Tesic and his brother Dominic are Croatians who grew up in Germany. They have studied Oriental Medicine in Japan and went back to Croatia to open a clinic for oriental medicine, incorporating Dr. Hulda Clark's therapy. As OMDs (Oriental Medicine Doctors) they can do all steps necessary for the Clark therapy. They are equipped to take all kinds of patients, including terminal cancer patients.


Alan Baklayan, naturopath
Unterer Anger 16
80331 M
P +49-89-260 92 27
F +49-89-260 261 72

Alan has been working with the Clark therapy very intensively for over 5 years. He has written a book about the practical use of the Clark therapy in German, published at Goldmann. He is focusing on frequency therapy and supplementation as well as diet changes. His specialties are fungus and allergies.


Dr. Peter Schreiber
Doctor of Dermatolgy and Venerolgy
Piazza Diaz, 2
I-60123 Ancona
P/F +39-071-201788

Dr. Schreiber is German, Italian and English speaking. He has been practicing the Clark therapy for years, working together with holistic dentists. He is also engaging in electro acupuncture and colonics.


Roy MacKinnon
14 Tyndalls Park Road
Clifton, Bristol BS8 1PY
P +44-117-973 5868 or
P +44-117-909 1386

I have a 15 year background as a therapist using flower essences, essential oils, zen shiatsu, food supplements and herbs. For the last 5 years I have devoted myself almost exclusively to the detox protocols of Dr. Clark in their application to chronic and serious illness.

To minimise travelling and expense I now conduct telephone consultations only, often with the carer or loved one of the patient. My aim is to help you implement in your home the Dr. Clark detox programme for yourself/loved one in a manageable series of steps.

Information regarding sources of pure supplements, domestic items and dental work form part of my service. Syncrometer testing is also available.


Loren Brown RIPH&H
BodyCare UK Ltd.
3 Grerat Melton Road,
Hethersett, Norwhich, Norfolk, NR9 3AB
P +44 1603 813577

Dr Clark therapist Loren Brown and Dr. Robin Heij, MBChB DA (SA) located in England specializing in weight loss, addiction etc. Therapies offered: Pathogen Cleanse, Liver & Kidney Cleanse, Colon Cleanse using Oxygen Healing Therapy, Immune System Boost, Beauty Therapy using very carefully chosen cosmetics, non-surgical facelift, Reflexology, BodyWrap, Full Spectrum Lighting, Ear Candling and Syncrometer saliva testing to establish what is really going on inside your body. We also treat animals. Please call for fact sheets, testimonies, cassettes and videos.

We arrange bespoke short breaks to suite your individual needs. We look forward to hearing from you.


Melanie Davies
The Cottage
Bovisand Lane
Down Thomas, Devon PL9 OAE
The UK
P +44-1752-862 411
F +44-1752-862 411

I am a massage and reiki therapist, but have worked solely for the past 7 years with Dr. Hulda Clark's protocol, after having visited with her in her clinic in Mexico. I use only supplements that are absolutely in accordance with her directions. I also work with intestinal cleansing programs.


Dr. William H. van Ewijk, M.D.,M.A.
Autobiologics BV, The Placenta Research Foundation
JOL 24-19
8243 GN Lelystad
The Netherlands

Dr. van Ewijk has been working with the Clark therapy and other protocols for several years.


Ignacio Chamorro Balda
Nutricionista ortomolecular
Experto en nutrici
n celular activa
Formado directamente en la Cl
nica Clark de Mjico
n de los Herreros, 61 - 1 F esc.Dcha.
28003 MADRID
P (+34) 91-441-12-43


Marlene Byrd ITEC, Natural Healthcare Therapist
Aptdo 32 Estepona 29680
P/F +34-952-790 511

"I am Marlene Byrd ITEC, a Naturak Healthcare Therapist. My specialties include aromatherapy, Indian head massage, Reiki, color work, energy work, Dr. Clark method, Peter J. D'Adamo diet work. I also prepare and teach specialized workshops in Europe. Located in Southern Spain, we welcom participants on the "Sharing the Knowledge" Vacation Workshops. If you are serious about improving your health utilize your vacation time to learn how to walk a healthier pathway in the future. These two weeks could change your life.

I am also using the F-Scan and am prepared to do F-Scan weekend workshops. The next course which is on 3rd Nov - 17th Nov 2001. I am also using the F-Scan to test and treat animals again with very good results. So far dogs and donkeys have responded well and tolerate the equipment with no problems, in fact my own dogs just lie there doggo while it all goes on!"


César Medrano
C/Ntra Sra. del Carmen 3 - 1�A
28039 Madrid
Tel. +34-915791721

La consulta es de Naturopatia, Acupuntura, nutrici�n e hidroterapia de colon principalmente. La terapia de la Dra. Clark la incluyo principalmente con el Zapper y las limpiezas de Parasitos, h�gado, ri��n e intestinos. Para mas informacio de las terapias y actividades visita


Lizzie Kllstrm
Hulda Clark Klinikken
Vestermarken 2B
2750 Ballerup
P +45-44 64 88 08

"I have been practicing as a therapist for more than 35 years and have a wide knowledge of many different methods. Since I have learned about the methods of Dr. Hulda Clark in 1995, I have concentrated on this therapy. Besides working in the field of developing reliable bio-electric equipment."


ABC Naturterapi
104 H
0273 Oslo
P +47 452 84 837

I have been working with Hulda Clarks therapy for many years and with many other alternative therapyes for even more years.


Ageliki Priakou, B. Sc.
Complementary Health Education Diploma in Nutritional Therapy
Mpaltatzi 40
37100 Almyros
P +30-2422-024649

I am certified in Devon, England as a Nutritionist. I've been using the Gerson therapy and detoxification methods for carcer, diabetes, multiple slerosis and other chronic diseases. The last two years, I have been working with the Clark therapy and protocols, together with diet and life style changes. Also, I have translated Dr. Clark's therapy in Greek for patients who can not read her books.



Dr. Kübler, DDS
St. Blasienstrasse 12
79761 Waldshut
P +49-775-11000

Dr. Kübler is an experienced holistic dentist and has been working with the Clark therapy for years. His prices are fair and his work top quality.


Dr. John Roberts
141 Whitworth Road
Rochdale OL 12 0RE
P +44-1706-525905

"We offer treatment to people following the Hulda Clark protocol, and have been happy to keep reviewing these patients once mercury fillings are removed".


Dr. Emilia Rippel
Farkastorki ut 11.
H-1037 Budapest
Tel.: +36-1-3686 179 or +36-30-280 5198


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(c)1999-2006 by Dr. Clark Research Association and David P. Amrein

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